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What Women Need to Work at Home

Looking for the ultimate in work flexibility? Many would agree it’s the ability to work at home. There’s nothing better than a 2-minute commute to your desk without the hassle of trains, planes or automobiles.
As great as a home…

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Shape Your Mommy Legacy

Halfway through one of my presentations on how to return to the workforce after a hiatus of a decade or more, a woman in the audience added both humor and more somber reflection to the lively discussion.
At the time,…

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Getting Women Past Middle School Insecurity & Uncool Shoes

In all my work with women, I have learned one simple truth: there is a widespread—but not terminal–deficiency of  “Vitamin C”. Not the Vitamin C that wards off colds and strengthens bones—the Vitamin “C” that stands for Confidence and propels…

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  • So true...“If life were one long grade school, women would be undisputed rulers of world” ,
  • "Overqualified & over prepared women still hold back. Women r confident only when they r perfect or almost perfect" ,
  • "Men don’t let doubts stop them as often as women" Women encourage daughters to always shoot for stars. Disconnect? ,

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