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Your Best Mentor Might Be the Neurotic Boss You Already Know

“How to Find A Mentor” is now a very popular article topic—suggesting that with some strategic thinking and careful searching you can find the ideal person who will guide your career to the desired place. The fact is that your…

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The Missing Data in the Harvard Biz Review Article on High-Achieving Women

So much of what is written in the Harvard Business Review article, “Rethink What You ‘Know’ About High Achieving Women”… rings true. But I just don’t buy the major statement that “women who left their jobs after having children

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Why Women Make their Best Career Decisions with A “Personal Board”

My blog post, “Getting Women Past Middle School Insecurity and Uncool Shoes” got a significant amount of attention on Linkedin…, and many agreed that there is a nagging lack of confidence among even the most successful women.

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