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Be A One-Minute Mentor

One of the best work+life suggestions I’ve read was tweeted by Kate Farrar (@KCFarrar), Director of Campus Leadership Programs at the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Kate quoted STEMconnector Chief Partnership Officer Julie Kantor (and originally Brandon Busteed of…

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Child Care Costs Less than Long-Term Financial Security

Women are working more everywhere…except in the U.S. That headline in The Washington Post …calls attention to what I agree is our country’s underutilized resource. Indeed, many “privileged” high-potential, mid-career women leave the workforce each year primarily because they feel

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That Grass is Not Necessarily Greener on the Other Company’s Side

When I advised one of my coaching clients to look into opportunities at a prominent local company that’s a good fit for her talents and interests, she told me that one of her friends works there and says the company’s…

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