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7 Tips to Determine the Best Draft Picks for Your “Personal Board”

In a previous blog post I talked about the importance of having a personal board for work+life decisions. But not all of the most well-meaning people in your personal and business lives are the right fit for your board. When you’re deciding if someone should be on your call list when you need a sounding Read More…

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Waffling About a Return to Work? How to Overcome 10 Common Concerns

Considering a return to work? That’s smart thinking. Most women need to generate even a small income at every age and stage to boost savings for a retirement that could last 30 years or more—and fund all of life’s you never knows. But even though you know there are many benefits to a return to Read More…

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What’s Your Life Surprise Risk Index?

Here’s a quick exercise for women who are thinking of leaving the workforce long before retirement age or waffling about a return to work after time at home with family. Tally all the “you never knows” that are possible in your life:               Your own job loss Spouse’s job Read More…

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