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“Work at Home”: All Work and No Playdough

In a recent Twitter conversation about finding work that fits your life, Pamela La Gioia, the CEO of Chicago-based Telework Recruiting, wisely pointed out that flex work is not a substitute for child care. Pamela’s company helps professionals find work that can be done at home, but she knows that work cannot be done simultaneously Read More…

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Join Valuable Twitter Conversations on Work and Life

It’s my observation that on Twitter there’s a fair amount of preaching to the choir. So many experts impart advice to other experts—and the advice does not always reach those who can truly benefit from the help. This is especially true in my realm of career coaches—and I know that many women who are looking Read More…

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Do You Have Work+Life Confidence?

Women who successfully blend work and life have a healthy dose of what I call “Vitamin C” or Confidence. They know that no area of your life will ever be perfect for a sustained period of time—and that it is possible to blend work and life without feeling like you’re shortchanging your job or your Read More…

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Which 9 Lives Blog is Best for You?

  • Clever concept: “How About Making Your Life Your Work?” The Work-Life Balance Fallacy ,
  • Many small biz fail due 2 lack of funding—but where 2 find $? “The Best Financing Options for Women Entrepreneurs” ,
  • Answer 2 “do u really think I could do it?” is “YES”: Become a yes-woman & break from thinking patterns holding u ba…/,
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