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Don’t Put Your Job Search Cart Before the Horse

Looking to make a change to your work-life status? You might be considering or ready for a return the workforce.  The more fun-filled summer months could be reminding you that you want to downsize your career. Or you may be…

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Work + Child Care: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

This is a shout-out to Christy Meares of Wilmington, North Carolina, a woman I have never met. She’s a “mommy blogger” who writes under the moniker Frugalful…, “a money-saving blog for women living the pretty life on a budget”.

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Return to Work While the Going’s Good

So often women tell me that they’ll return to work when they feel they’ve put the requisite time into what I call their first caregiving job—raising children.  But that might just be when their second caregiving job begins—helping aging parents.…

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