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HR Pro Says Women & Girls Need Skills to Close Gender Gap

For the book I have underway, No Regrets: A Reality Check on Work, Motherhood and Long-Term Financial Security, I’ve asked women “what they’re glad they did” or “what they wish they had done” in terms of work-life choices they made…

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Career Reinvention: Out of Oil & Gas Come Semi-Precious Stones

Thinking about a complete career transformation? Read this story about Cynthia Lowrance Grano, a Connecticut entrepreneur who turned a commute to Wall Street into a walk through her garden.
There was a time when Cynthia wore a business suit every…

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Play Show and Tell to Find A Job

When I graduated from college it was a difficult job market, and I was growing frustrated as each jobless month passed. I remember hearing about a guy I knew who was delivering pizzas to employers with his resume on the…

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Which 9 Lives Blog is Best for You?

Donna Karan

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