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Take the Quiz: What’s Your Life Surprise Index?

Check all that are possible in your life:                                                        Your own job loss A partner’s job loss Inconsistent income for your household’s major breadwinner Unexpected financial support for 1 to 4 elderly parents/in-laws Long-term financial support for adult children Major illness…

Savor the Full Menu of Flexible Work: Know Your 7 Options

When I talk to women about “flexible work” (especially those who fled the corporate grind and have been on hiatus for many years), many still wonder if such a thing exists. Others only think flexible work means a part-time job.…

7 Reasons Why Your Job Search Never Ends

If you tell me you’re lost in a seemingly unending job search, I probably won’t say, “it’s a really tough job market”. Instead, I’ll try to find out if you’re engaged in a tenacious, strategic search generated by a powerful…

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