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7 Reasons Why Your Job Search Never Ends

If you tell me you’re lost in a seemingly unending job search, I probably won’t say, “it’s a really tough job market”. Instead, I’ll try to find out if you’re engaged in a tenacious, strategic search generated by a powerful…

How to Network Far Beyond Your Comfort Zone

As Jane (a 56-year-old woman from California navigating her way back to the workforce) realized that she needed to network far out of her comfort zone, she asked me this question: “I have connections at organizations where I would love…

Finding Flexible Work: No Longer A Needle in a Haystack

I just don’t buy the fact that thousands of women are desperate to break the glass ceiling. In the last 15 years of working with women, I’ve met very few of these high-flyers. I’ve met lots of MBAs who became…

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