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What’s A Home Run “Elevator Pitch”? Here Are 2 Examples

In my online course, Find A Flexible Job & Make Work Fit Life, one of the sessions is “Get in the Proverbial Elevator & Give Your Job Search Pitch!” Two women have done a particularly great job of creating…

When Work Works: Think Long-Term and Go With the Flow

Lynn, a professional woman in Minnesota, read a post on Linked that mentioned the book I have underway, The Flexible Work Fix: A Caring Woman’s Guide to Blending Family, Work & Financial Security. She then posted this comment that shows…

When it Comes to Childcare, Think Outside the Usual Sandbox

With both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump proposing solutions that could make childcare more affordable, things are looking up for women who want their paychecks to cover more than the weekly daycare bill. But until significant changes are made, as…

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