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Coaching for Women in Transition

Since 2002 Kathryn Sollmann has provided individual coaching services to highly Sollmann, -3747rt.squareeducated, accomplished women in transition. Individual and group coaching helps women find flexible work that fits life from college through active retirement years. Kathryn encourages women to lay the groundwork for transition through a structured, comprehensive initial research phase, and she helps women develop a job search “sales” persona and professional packaging through resumes, bios, Linkedin profiles and networking communications.

Kathryn’s coaching clients are current and returning professionals who have worked at the mid to senior-level at companies of every shape and size:

  • Mid-career women who are considering a workforce hiatus and need “look before you leap” guidance
  • Seasoned professionals who are looking to switch gears and pursue a new career path or work that “makes a difference”
  • Women looking to trade more than full-time posts for companies and positions with more flexibility
  • Mothers looking to return to the workforce after an average 12-year hiatus and capitalize on volunteer experience
  • Women considering their own venture who need to know if they have the entrepreneurial gene
  • Soon-to-be retirees who aren’t ready to give up paid work…by need or by choice.

As first steps, Kathryn suggests:

  • The Job Search “Reality Check” Quiz—to check your knowledge of the job search basics even senior-level professionals overlook.
  • The online course, Find A Flexible Job & Make Work Fit Life, which helps you organize your thoughts, create a game plan and gather all the necessary information for resumes, Linkedin and other job search tools. This inexpensive course makes your individual career coaching more productive—or could be the only help you need to navigate a job search and find the right opportunity for your current work+life stage.

If you decide to pursue individual coaching, there is an initial 90-minute session, which can be followed by an additional one, two or three-month arrangement that includes ongoing coaching and development of job search tools.



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