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Climbing the Ladder

When Women Propose Flexwork, They’re Not Asking for the Moon

If you are in life stage: Climbing the Ladder Posted January 5th, 2018
By Kathryn Sollmann
When Hillary Clinton almost won the Presidency, were more women inspired to “lean in” toward the C-Suite? Probably not. Many highly educated, talented women don’t fret the glass ceiling—they want and need to lean in halfway to less life-consuming, more…

Zip Down Smart Short-Cuts to Flexible Jobs

The best way to find any kind of job—flexible or otherwise—is through relentless networking among people you know and new connections you continually make via LinkedIn and other resources. There are some very viable short-cuts, however, that should be in…

You Can Change Industries & Gain Flexibility When You Connect the Dots

If you are in life stage: Climbing the Ladder Posted September 9th, 2017
By Kathryn Sollmann
Though flexibility can be found at most companies, more evolved work structures in your particular industry or work function may be far and few between. Getting to a more progressive company means that you have to zero in on your…

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