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Pounding the Pavement

Zip Down Smart Short-Cuts to Flexible Jobs

The best way to find any kind of job—flexible or otherwise—is through relentless networking among people you know and new connections you continually make via LinkedIn and other resources. There are some very viable short-cuts, however, that should be in…

A Home Run “Elevator Pitch” to Land that Coveted Flexible Job

If you are in life stage: Pounding the Pavement Posted September 28th, 2017
By Kathryn Sollmann
Two of my coaching clients have done a particularly great job of creating an elevator pitch for flexwork—and their examples can help many other smart women with what can be a daunting and exasperating task. What, exactly, is a “60-Second…

7 Reasons Why Your Job Search Never Ends

If you are in life stage: Pounding the Pavement Posted April 26th, 2017
By Kathryn Sollmann
If you tell me you’re lost in a seemingly unending job search, I probably won’t say, “it’s a really tough job market”. Instead, I’ll try to find out if you’re engaged in a tenacious, strategic search generated by a powerful…

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