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When it Comes to Childcare, Think Outside the Usual Sandbox

If you are in life stage: Uncategorized Posted January 10th, 2018
By Kathryn Sollmann
The 2018 mid-term elections will keep the heat on politicians to make childcare more plentiful and affordable. But until significant changes are made, more creative thinking is in order before women at all income levels make the choice to forego…

Don’t Rent…Buy-In to a Professional Career

If you are in life stage: Uncategorized Posted September 18th, 2015
By Kathryn Sollmann
  When it comes to your career are you a buyer or a renter? Over a lifetime—both in and out of the workforce—it’s important to buy-in to a professional portfolio that builds on your core skills and experience. This doesn’t…

A Simple Formula for Networking on Linkedin

If you are in life stage: Pounding the Pavement , Uncategorized Posted March 26th, 2013
By Kathryn Sollmann
Tired of hearing about networking? Wish you could just push a button and get a job? That would be nice, but the reality is that you can never get enough networking tips. It’s the way you actually will find a…

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