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Consulting for Wealth Management Firms

9 Lives for Women consulting services educate Financial Advisors about the many Sollmann, -3747rt.squarework+life stages that are entry points to connect with women about financial guidance. Too many wealth management firms consider women a homogeneous market—and focus heavily on just two life stages—divorce and widowhood. Consulting services broaden the business development horizon for your FAs; identify how and where women in many other stages can be found; create events and content that enhance your work+life thought leadership; and soft sell your firm’s wealth management strengths through the layers of relationship-building women expect.

Drawing from a decade of recruiting for Financial Advisor and other investment related positions, 9 Lives for Women consulting services also help recruiting teams frame the FA opportunity for highly sought after women looking for flexible work options. In-depth insights are provided as to why qualified women don’t take the jobs or leave the jobs too soon. You’ll learn where to find likely candidates and the messaging that resonates with the women, their husbands and their overall work+life needs. Marketing and onboarding efforts are supported so that the right, truly entrepreneurial candidates are identified and retained.

Kathryn Sollmann also is a keynote speaker and workshop leader for client/prospect events focused on women and financial security, internal women’s networking groups, workplace wellness programs and leadership training for high potential mid-career women at risk for leaving the workforce to care for family. (See NBC Today Show interview.)


Consulting For Corporate Leadership and Diversity Teams

9 Lives for Women offers an array of customized leadership and talent development programs to attract, retain and on/off ramp women, develop alumni networks and support ongoing engagement initiatives. Kathryn Sollmann is a speaker and workshop leader on a wide range of work+life topics.

For talent retention and leadership development initiatives programs are designed to prevent “high risk”, mid-career women from leaving the workforce for family reasons. Seminars and discussion groups help women think through the long-term financial and professional implications of a large resume gap and whether their underlying motivations for working can be met outside the professional world.  (Click here to read about the “Look Before You Leap” seminar for mid-career women.)

For internal women’s networking groups a monthly or quarterly program calendar is developed to focus on work+life blending strategies.  An array of substantive, thought-provoking programs are provided, including discussions of work+life trends and issues, “book group” gatherings about career-related publications, guest speakers that help women navigate predictable life stages and a variety of life “you never knows”—and more.

For women’s alumnae networks customized programs are developed to lay the foundation for a continuing relationship with high potential women who opt for a workforce hiatus.  Ongoing group and personal communication initiatives and alumnae events keep women informed of company news and address ways that they can keep current, continue to develop their business skills and leave the door open for a possible return.



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