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Customized Corporate Programming

Women’s Retention Programs

Programs geared to prevent “high risk” women who have five to ten years of professional work experience from leaving the work force for family reasons.   Seminars and discussion groups that help women think through the long-term implications of a large resume gap and whether their underlying motivations for working can be met outside the professional world.  Click here to read about the “Look Before You Leap” seminar for mid-career women.


 Internal Women’s Networking Groups

Development of monthly or quarterly program calendar focused on work/life balance and career advancement.  Variety of “plug and play” program formats on topics such as “Been There, Done That:  Helping Women Stay Productive through All Life/Work Phases”, “Don’t Pull the Trigger:  Know What Sets You Off and Turns Your Productivity On”,  “Call Me Indispensable:  Extending Your Professional Brand”,  “Flexibility:  Managing the Double-Edged Sword”, “Meshing Work and Life:  100+ Tips for Reducing System Overload”, “Up and Down Mentoring:  How Women at All Levels Can Advance Your Career”.


Women’s Leadership Development Programs

Programs designed to help women to lead other women through predictable life stages.  Insights to what is needed to encourage, support and generate greatest productivity for women at every life stage.  How to simultaneously manage women at a variety of life stages and incorporate flexibility practices that are fair to all women and all men.  How to be a motivator not a babysitter.  How to reduce women’s natural tendencies to bring their multi-demand, consuming life to the office.   How to create support groups that minimize aimless venting and stress positive action.  How to coach for confidence.


Women’s Off-Ramping and Alumnae Programs

Development of women’s alumnae networks from conception through launch and ongoing management.  Customized programs that lay the foundation for a continuing relationship with high potential women who opt for a workforce hiatus.  Ongoing group and personal communication initiatives and alumnae events that keep women informed of company news and address ways that they can keep current, continue to develop their business skills and leave the door open for a possible return.


Women’s On-Ramping Programs

Programs to help companies start the process of on-ramping alumnae or establish relationships with high potential returning professional women.  Seminars that help companies zero in on serious returning professional candidates–identifying professional, financial, family and logistical issues that must be addressed and resolved before returning to work.



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