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Look Before You Leap Seminar

Fantasy, Reality and the Workforce Hiatus: A Seminar for Mid-Career Women


Typically, after women give birth to their first or second child, they feel tormented by two very strong forces—continuing a career they fought hard for or going home to children who seem to be growing up too fast.  More often than not, home wins out.

Every year thousands of extremely well educated, accomplished, high potential women walk out the door with little thought of how hard it will be to get back in.  Employers lose out on years of great talent—and women cut short significant compensation and career advancement.  The numbers are eye opening—more than half of MBA women work less than 10 years post graduation.

Kathryn Sollmann, founder of 9 Lives for Women, knows well what working women find on the other side.  Since 2002 she has coached women navigating their way back to the workforce after an average 12-year hiatus.

The majority of these women left the workforce thinking they could easily return, but in reality very few return to the level, responsibility or focus of jobs they left behind.   Few anticipated how life out of the workforce would eventually lead to volunteer malaise, an overall lack of fulfillment, a plunge in confidence and a questioning of self worth. Few realize how much money they forfeit in compensation, benefits and saving/investing potential.

More importantly, women initially leave the workforce with the safety net of a husband’s salary, but before too long want and need their own compensation.  Multiple college educations, insufficient retirement savings, a husband’s job loss or divorce are all factors—some unforeseen—that propel women back to work.

Look Before You Leap is a pragmatic three-hour seminar that helps women use their business skills to balance work and life—and in turn help employers retain their high potential talent.  Through a series of exercises and guided discussions, women simulate their life outside of the work force and address the financial, family, psychological and cultural issues that emerge when they too quickly shed their professional selves.



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