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Because, with very few exceptions, women do not have financial security that is airtight.

Because “lean in” and “can women have it all” conversations skirt the financial security issue.

Because it’s time for a much more pragmatic conversation that goes beyond the personal, family and professional pros and cons of “get to the top” career advancement.

Because life has many twists and turns and most women will experience at least one high impact, unanticipated financial challenge in their adult lives.

Because, in reality, it often takes more than one income to fund a retirement that could last 30 years or more.

Because there is no perfect time to work: when your first caregiving job ends (children), your second caregiving job soon begins (aging parents).

Because any amount of money you earn can be saved, invested—and grow substantially—over time.

Because letting your skills and earning power fade is a risky roll of the dice.

Because doing everything you can to make sure your family is always financially secure and safe is a “good mother” trait, too.

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