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Savor the Full Menu of Flexible Work

If you are in life stage: Itching to Work Again , One Foot on the Off Ramp , Waffling About Work , Working Hard for No Money Posted December 1st, 2017
By Kathryn Sollmann
Do you still think “work” is defined in one narrow, traditional, more-than-full-time, sell-your-soul way? Time to broaden your horizons! Today many flexwork options exist beyond the obvious “part-time job”. There are actually seven kinds of flexwork that involve compensation from…

When Necessity is the Mother of Your Re-Invention

If you are in life stage: Contemplating Reinvention Posted April 18th, 2013
By Kathryn Sollmann
Reinvention can sound like a luxury for the wealthy and secure. There’s a misconception that reinventors are the chosen few who can take lots of time to dream up jobs that will make them happy– whether or not the compensation…

3 Reasons Women Should Not Return to Work…Yet

If you are in life stage: Waffling About Work Posted April 18th, 2013
By Kathryn Sollmann
Are you on month #42 of deciding whether to return to work? Unless you believe you have a strong financial need (to fund your life today or in the future), your indecision could drag on for many months or years…

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