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Savor the Full Menu of Flexible Work

If you are in life stage: Itching to Work Again , One Foot on the Off Ramp , Waffling About Work , Working Hard for No Money Posted December 1st, 2017
By Kathryn Sollmann
Do you still think “work” is defined in one narrow, traditional, more-than-full-time, sell-your-soul way? Time to broaden your horizons! Today many flexwork options exist beyond the obvious “part-time job”. There are actually seven kinds of flexwork that involve compensation from…

Blend, Don’t Balance Work and Life

If you are in life stage: One Foot on the Off Ramp Posted April 3rd, 2015
By Kathryn Sollmann
It’s no secret that I’m a proponent of making work work. As you’ll see in my “Look Before You Leap” webinar, I advise women to think carefully about both short-term emotions and long-term needs before they leave the workforce.…

Work Support Equals Work Success

If you are in life stage: Waffling About Work Posted May 29th, 2013
By Kathryn Sollmann
In many of my blog posts I’ve talked about the need for family support when you return to work after a long hiatus. As much as you may want to restart your career, it’s very difficult to blend both work…

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