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Helping Women Nationwide Make Work Fit Life

Still think your only work option is the traditional, more than full-time, tied-to-your-desk corporate grind? Though many jobs do still fit this profile, we’re moving rapidly toward a freelance economy. Every day there are more and more flexible full-time and part-time positions, long-term consulting assignments, telecommuting arrangements, job shares and yes, shorter-term freelance projects, too.

Today women have many work options and many resources to find the flexible work that fits their lives. The FlexWork for Women Alliance is a community of great firms nationwide partnering with the most progressive employers and giving women a wide array of opportunities to blend work and life. Our collective mission is to help greater numbers of women stay in the workforce in a less life-consuming way as they care for both children and aging parents—and achieve professional fulfillment and long-term financial security.

Here you’ll find the only comprehensive list of national and regional firms helping women find flexible work.

Après is a digital platform that connects highly educated women seeking to either return to or transition within the workforce and companies seeking diversity and talent.  Après also offers its members a broad platform of tools they need to successfully navigate their re-entry.  Après currently has over 20,000 members and 100 corporate partners. The typical Après member is college-educated, many with advanced degrees, and a proven work record.

Founded: May 2016

Principal location: New York, New York

Service areas: National company with members in all 50 states

Service categories: Recruiting, individual career coaching, webinars, networking events, online membership community, online courses

Candidate target:  Mid to senior-level current and returning professionals

Types of flexible work offered: The Après site offers a variety of job types, including full-time, part-time, project-based, flex time, volunteer, etc.

Industries that are a particular focus: We have jobs in all sectors.

Information contact for candidates:

Information contact for employers: Jennifer Gefsky at

Berger Legal Secondment & Solutions, LLC d/b/a Bliss Lawyers

Bliss Lawyers is a new legal model combining the benefits of two innovations — secondment and virtual firms. Since our founding nearly five years ago, the business has expanded to service clients across the country, from New York to California. With a national network of more than 15,000 lawyers, we hire exceptional attorneys to work on engagements for in-house legal departments and law firms. Due to increasing demand and fluctuating staffing needs, Bliss’ business has grown to also offer clients the luxury of “extended interviews” where attorneys start on a temporary basis to ensure they are a good fit prior to the client hiring them directly as permanent employees. Bliss also handles more traditional direct hire placements. A virtual platform allows us to pass considerable cost savings on to our clients while providing generous pay packages to our employees. Bliss Lawyers is a certified majority women-owned business. We are committed to creating a diverse workforce and we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Founded: June 1, 2011

Principal location: Virtual

Service areas: National focus

Service categories: Legal recruiting

Candidate target: Current and returning professionals, mid to senior level

Types of flexible work offered: W-2 employees, part-time and telecommuting as well as full-time

Industry focus: Law

Information contact for candidates:

Information contact for employers:

Fairygodboss is a marketplace where ambitious, professional women looking for jobs, career advice and the inside scoop on companies (including their flexible work opportunities and work-life balance culture) meet employers who believe in gender equality.

Founded: 2015

Principal location: New York, NY

Service areas: United States, although we have global members in English speaking countries (e.g., UK, Canada, Australia, etc.)

Service categories: Job listings, employee reviews, career advice 

Service target: Women at all levels

Industries that are a particular focus? All industries 

Flexible Resources is a boutique staffing and consulting firm specializing in flexible work arrangements, including:

Permanent part-time


Job sharing

Full or part-time contract positions

Flexible Resources has pioneered the work/life movement since 1989, long before workplace flexibility was fashionable.  Our focus is creating simple, cost-effective staffing alternatives for all sizes and types of organizations.  We look beyond the outdated 9 to 5 business model and carefully structure work schedules that fit the task at hand.  While our approach is out-of-the-box, we pride ourselves in good, old-fashioned client service.  We are not and never have been simply a database of names—win-win staffing solutions come from our in-depth and personalized approach with clients and candidates alike, strategic thinking and good old common sense.

Founded: 1989

Principal location: Norwalk, CT

Service area: New York tri-state area

Service categories: Recruiting, individual job coaching, and corporate consulting on the flexible workplace

Candidate target: Mid to senior-level current and returning professionals

Types of flexible work offered: Permanent part-time, telecommuting, job sharing and full or part-time contract work

Disciplines that are a particular focus: Human resources, marketing (including social/digital) and finance

Information contacts for candidates and employers: Nadine Mockler at and Laurie Young at


FlexProfessionals is a niche staffing agency that matches growing businesses in need of top talent with professionals seeking part-time, flexible work. We give businesses access to an untapped talent pool of highly experienced professionals that they might not be able to find or afford using a traditional employment model.  Our mission is to be a catalyst for the adoption and continued growth of flexible and part-time employment options for both employers and individuals seeking to balance work and family obligations.  

Principal location: McLean, VA

Service areas: Washington, DC Metro and Boston Metro

Service categories: Primarily recruiting and staffing with some job seeker support services, including job search workshops, resume writing services, and a career re-entry internship program.

Candidate targetWorking professionals looking to scale back, professionals re-entering the workforce after a career break, and second career professionals with at least 10 years of work experience.

Types of flexible work offeredPermanent part-time, full-time flex (at least 8 hours virtual work/week), and part-time project work/1099.

Industries that are a particular focusWe source part-time professionals in most professional business areas:  finance & accounting, administration, sales & marketing, human resources, web & new media, project management, technical writing, research & analysis, event planning, legal and more.  

Information contact for candidatesSheila Murphy at

Information contact for employers: Ellen Grealish at


Inkwell is a flexible staffing innovator, helping businesses and professionals thrive. With its revolutionary approach to global staffing, Inkwell bridges the gap between companies in need of top talent, and professionals seeking flexible, yet rewarding job opportunities. Inkwell’s connections have a global reach, offering businesses and candidates the opportunity to work together independent of location.

For businesses > What makes Inkwell unique is our ability to tap into an extraordinary talent pool of high-achieving professionals. Inkwell candidates are graduates of top universities, business schools, and law schools; they are experienced executives and industry trailblazers.

For professionals > Opening the door to unparalleled flexibility, Inkwell is uniquely equipped to find the perfect solution for each candidate. Whether it’s just a few hours a week or a more extensive engagement, our candidates can choose a position from a range of industries and functional specialties. 

Principal location: Greenwich, CT

Service areas: National Focus

Service categories: Placement, Staffing, and Consulting 

Candidate target: Current and returning professionals who are typically mid to senior-level

Types of flexible work offered: Full-time Flex, Part-Time, Project Based, Hourly, Telecommuting

Industries that are a particular focus: All industries with a special focus on startups

Information contact for candidates and employers: Manon DeFelice at


Inspiring Capital’s mission is to accelerate the social enterprise sector by connecting talented business professionals and high-potential, purpose-driven organizations. Their Women’s Re-Inspiration Program provides women relaunching careers with an updated professional portfolio, 12-15 other like-minded professional women to hold them accountable, and a wholly re-inspired idea of how they can utilize their professional backgrounds to do good in the world. The program includes a four-day experiential learning workshop and a one-year engagement with Inspiring Capital network connections and alumni in nonprofit/social impact businesses.

Founded: 2013

Service areas: NYC, Connecticut/Westchester and Raleigh, NC

Service categories: Career re-launching program, networking, careers, social enterprise sector

Candidate target: Both current and returning professionals, mid to senior-level

Types of flexible work offered: Nonprofit management and consulting project-based work

Industries that are a particular focus: Social enterprise sector

Information contact:


MomSource has grown into a fully inclusive network of candidates committed to supporting one another along their flexible employment journey and via our personal and professional development workshops. As time passed and our mission evolved, we realized that flexible employment resonates with people in many stages in life.  Though the MomSource was founded out of a need experienced by many moms, our mission is to find any qualified candidate flexible employment.  We work with moms, men, millennials, retirees and any other person who prioritizes flexibility when choosing an employer.  

Date founded: 2013

Principal location: Knoxville, TN

Service areas: Nationwide

Service categories: Job placement, career coaching, webinars, networking events, online membership community, membership perks, and more.

Types of flexible work offered: Flexible full-time, permanent part-time, telecommuting, contract assignments, job shares, and more.

Industries that are a particular focus: We place candidates with forward-thinking employers across all industries.

Information contacts: For candidates,; for employers,

Prokanga connects independent mid-career professionals seeking flexible work arrangements with start-ups, businesses, and non-profits. Prokanga professionals are available for hourly consultations, project-based work, or flexible ongoing roles.

Founded: 2014

Principal location: New York, NY

Service areas: National

Service categories: Recruiting

Candidate target: Current mid to senior-level professionals

Types of flexible work offered: Full-time 1099 consulting work and part-time positions

Industry focus: Marketing/Advertising, Business Strategy/Consulting, Finance, Law, Non-Profits

Information contact for candidates:

Information contact for employers: Lesley Finer –

reacHIRE is engineering new ways in, and new ways up, for professional women in Corporate America. We are committed to creating a level playing field that optimizes the proven power of women in business. Through innovative hiring and training programs tailored to match a company’s unique culture and talent needs, reacHIRE powers up gender-diversity initiatives that refresh, replenish and retain a strong pipeline of experienced women. reacHIRE partners with Fortune 500 companies across the country to create employment opportunities for mid to senior-level women returning to the workforce.

Founded: 2013

Principal location: Headquartered in greater Boston area

Service areas: Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Seattle, Dallas, Minneapolis

Service categories: Training and placement

Candidate target: Returning professional women with prior experience at the mid to senior level

Types of flexible work offered: Primarily 1099 independent contractor or direct placements, both part-time and full-time

Industry focus: Most functional areas across corporate roles within Fortune 500 organizations

Information contact for candidates: Mimi Moss –

Information contact for employers: Melissa Spiers –

The Flex Frontier mission is to provide a platform for finding partnerships, resources, and ideas for a more flexible and satisfying blend of work, life, and family…at all stages of life. Flexibility is still considered a privilege rather than the norm. As our “villages” spread farther out, flexibility becomes more critical to meeting family obligations and achieving personal and professional fulfillment.

Technology has opened up many new possibilities for efficient and productive work. We have a sharing economy that can be leveraged to create an entirely new frontier of resources and opportunities for reaching career goals—while still prioritizing family needs. Research shows flexibility creates more efficient, loyal, and satisfied employees, yet most employers are still reticent to offer this option. The Flex Frontier was created to advocate for advancement in this area and to connect individuals with resources and partners to help them achieve their best blend of work/life/family.

Founded: October 2014

Principal location: San Francisco Bay Area

Service areas: National, some international

Services Offered: A blog and a central hub of information with links to organizations and resources on work/life/family flexibility. A “Share Board” for seeking jobs, job share partners, business partners, childcare, and other opportunities that help people better meet their responsibilities and goals. Highlights of innovative companies and resources from “sharing economy” that can help meet the challenges of managing the work/life/family triad. Childcare, eldercare, and advocacy resources.

Candidate target: Anyone seeking flexible work options

Types of flexible work offered: 1099 consulting work, part-time positions, telecommuting

Industry focus: Any industry

Information contact for candidates and employers: Vicki Harrison,

The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace and community connecting professionally accomplished women with world-class companies for rewarding employment opportunities. A woman-owned and run business, TMP provides employers with highly skilled, motivated on-demand talent to fill employment gaps for parental leaves as well as part-time or project-based work.

The Mom Project was founded by Allison Robinson, a former Procter & Gamble sales and marketing executive. Allison started TMP after recognizing the tremendous opportunity to retain more women in the workforce by bridging the gap between employers looking for top talent and the millions of educated and professionally accomplished women nationwide looking for meaningful work. TMP is changing the way women work and redefining career structures by providing women with real work opportunities in balance with their personal goals.

Founded: 2016

Principal location: Chicago

Service areas: Primarily Chicago and Midwest at this time, but the firm is placing women in roles around the country and they plan to expand their focus to other cities in early 2017.

Service categories: Digital talent marketplace and community

Candidate target: Well-educated, accomplished current and returning professional women who have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in their field.  Most returning professionals have not been out of the workforce more than two to three years.

Types of flexible work offered: 1099 consulting work, part-time positions, telecommuting—and often a combination so that women can mesh personal and professional goals.

Industry focus: The firm places women in many fields, including marketing and finance, accounting, HR, PR, legal, etc.

Information contact for candidates and employers: or sign up online: has fill-in-the-blank proposal templates that make it easy for you to ask your manager for a flexible work arrangement at your current job. Download it today; done by tomorrow. Used by thousands of professionals since 1997 to get fast approval of telecommuting, part-time and other flex work arrangements.

Founded: Online since 1997

Principal location: Online and everywhere.

Service categories: Proposal templates and strategies for negotiating flexible work.

Service target: Professionals of all types who are seeking telecommuting, part-time, job sharing or compressed workweek arrangements at their current jobs.

Information contact: Pat Katepoo at

Job sharing: A partnership between two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position. 

Work Muse is a job share solutions firm; our mission is to drive adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. 

Founder Melissa Nicholson began Work Muse to spread the little known, innovative flexible work practice so others could experience the win-win-win for career-family-self she found in her own job sharing for nearly a decade. The world of work is changing – globalization and digital over time have left us with 24/7 work demands and an unsustainable way to work – especially for working moms and caregivers.

Work Muse empowers individuals to create their own successful job share arrangements and works with employers to create job share programs with training, implementation, and support to attract and retain diverse talent.   

Founded: 2015

Principal location: Austin, Texas

Service area: Nationwide

Service categories: For individuals—workshops, coaching, e-training, toolkits and online training (coming in 2017). For employers—job share program creation with training, implementation and support; consulting; workshops; toolkits and online education (coming in 2017).

Candidate target: Anyone who would like to job share—including those who are parents, caring for ill or elderly family, interested in a reduced workweek before retirement, re-entering the workforce after a career break, in school pursuing an advanced degree or involved in non-profit or community work.

Focus of flexible work offerings: Job sharing

Industries that are a particular focus: Any industry

Information contact for individuals & employers: Melissa Nicholson,

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