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What Women Are Saying About 9 Lives for Women

Kudos for the May, 2016 MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Event

Make Work Fit Life was really a fabulous event! I got so much out of it. I took a ton of notes, and the info that I got from several of the panels even helped me make some decisions and negotiate for a new job that I just accepted today! AND I am going to have the flexibility I was looking for to be able to continue to help my 94-year-old mother!” —B.W., Darien, CT

“Make Work Fit Life was very inspiring and shed much new promising light to the future. Feeling very empowered with a new career wingspan—thanks to your vision and program.” —M.M., Easton, CT 

Make Work Fit Life was outstanding!!  I loved your panels, topics and networking opportunities that you created throughout the day.  I’ve been to many conferences but this was honestly one of the best I’ve attended. You provided lots of knowledge, connections and tools I can go out and use.  You also took a lot of anxiety out of the job search process!  I feel excited and energized, so thank you! —J.A., Wilton, CT

 “The Make Work Fit Life event was a resounding success. High value content for current and returning professionals. Bravo!” —L.P. in Somers, NY

“The Make Work Fit Life event was excellent, from your pre-event communications all the way through your closing remarks.” —M.B. in Chappaqua, NY

“Thank you so much for the excellent Make Work Fit Life Event. I was truly enriched and impressed by the event’s flow and atmosphere. The sessions and your moderating were on the highest level that I’ve experienced in professional development events. It was so valuable to hear people speak with candor. I’ve already made a great connection for a project for which I might possibly fit. Thank you and all who spoke for educating me on flexible work through your expertise. I have renewed hope about my ‘Act II’ and restoring my income to help fund my teen’s future college and my own retirement.” —C.M., Tarrytown, NY

“I want to congratulate you for an amazing job and a wonderful Make Work Fit Life event. Your speakers were diverse, informative and spot-on professional …. everything was high quality. The event gave me the kick-in-the-pants I need right now!” —B.S., Westbrook, CT

“The Make Work Fit Life event was an amazing and enriching day.  I really enjoyed hearing how to phrase the volunteer work within a resume. As one of the Moms returning to work after a lot of volunteering, I’ve been many years sucked into that void of tons of work without pay.  I’m ready for pay…I really need the pay now! I’m inspired!” —M.C., New York, NY

“Thank you so much for such a great Make Work Fit Life event!!!  It was incredibly informative. I hope you plan on doing it again in the future.” K.P., New Canaan, CT

“What an excellent Make Work Fit Life event you created!  From A to Z everything was so well done and a real pleasure to be part of. Anyone participating benefitted and was nourished with great information. Great job!” —H.B., Weston, CT

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Make Work Fit Life event. The speaker line-up was impressive and I found a take away from each session.” —D.H., New Canaan, CT

“My friend and I were so impressed with the Make Work Fit Life event. The panels were dynamic and it was so interesting to hear how all the different players perceive and talk about this “flex work space”. Thank you for pulling together such a wonderful event. Congratulations on a big success!” —K.M., Darien, CT

“Congratulations on your Make Work Fit Life conference! It was an incredible day packed with excellent, targeted information.” —C.C., Weston, CT

“You really helped so many women understand what kind of flexible work is possible and how to go about achieving a new situation…” —S.W., New York, NY

“I really enjoyed Make Work Fit Life…a lot of helpful tidbits. I’m not looking for the next step just yet, but my job will likely end soon and it was great to start getting my head around options for the next chapter. The event was very well done.” —L.S., Westchester County, NY

“The Make Work Fit Life event was fantastic event for women at all different stages of their life but with unified goals. You provided an excellent forum for discussion with thought-provoking dialogue. I’ve always felt there was a void of conversation around the importance of work/life and making it all fit. Well done by you! Women left the event feeling motivated and inspired.” —K.L., Fairfield, CT 


Kudos for the 9 Lives for Women Blog

“Too many businesses view “women” as a single bucket instead of in more relevant segments, as you have so brilliantly done in your business…” –S.M. in Vail, CO

“I’m enjoying the variety of content that your newsletter offers. And as one who struggles with writing regularly, I’m AMAZED that you are able to keep nine blog topics going.”  –P.K. in Hawaii

“I cannot tell you how helpful and inspiring it is to read your blogs, in between driving kids to camp, speaking broken French to our exchange student here for a few weeks, and managing the house and grounds. I am truly committed to getting back to work, part-time, and hearing your voice on your blog pages is such a gift. Thank you so much for all you do for so many women! You’re a shining star.”  –A.M. in Berkeley, CA

“Finally had the time to really look at your web site,  and check out various pages. Wow! I am so very impressed with it. Just wanted to tell you. I will recommend to my friends.”  –S.K. in Massachusetts

“Holy cow! You captured my story beautifully–hard to believe it’s me :).  You are an exceptional writer, well done!  –J.V. in Connecticut

“Your website is fantastic! I love the Climbing the Ladder blog!” –S.H. in Los Angeles, CA

“Keep up the great work that you are doing.” –D.K., New York City Area

“I love 9 Lives for Women! It is so well written and has such relevant and great information and insights. In my own phase of transition–a workforce hiatus– it has been so reassuring to read about others in transition and tips for various transition points. 9 Lives is really inspirational!”  –K.C. in Maryland

“I always look forward to the 9 Lives blog posts.  Very informative and INSPIRING!”  –M.C. in Norwalk, CT

Your site is awesome and the topics you write about are so essential to the times.  I particularly enjoy your “Pounding the Pavement” blog. Those posts are insightful and they actually make me say, “hmmm, interesting, that is good to know”.  –C.M. in New York, NY

“I have just reviewed your site and think it’s captivating, thought provoking and a general “WOW.” I was sucked into it and could not stop reading.  I was definitely present in the pages. I kept thinking as I read that I wish I’d had this resource available before I resigned in 1998. It would have opened my eyes to the possibility of alternative flexible work scenarios.  I think the company would have accommodated me.  You are a wonderful writer…you inspire me.”  –G.R. in New Canaan, CT

“Congratulations on the success of 9 Lives for Women! The content reflects a definite home run.”  –R.C. in Scarsdale, NY

“Just received a LinkedIn update regarding 9 Lives for Women and think it’s a brilliant concept.  The way you have categorized the lifecycles is spot-on and there’s no doubt providing support to working women in and through these stages will have far-reaching benefits.  Look forward to continuing to read more…”  –D.S. in Philadelphia, PA

“What an exciting and important endeavor. You’ve already helped so many women, including myself, re-enter the workforce and build confidence.  There are so many intelligent, hard-working, and ambitious women at various stages of their lives, who have so much more to share, but need direction and encouragement.”  –E.Z. in Waccabuc, NY

“Insightful and interesting read.” –K.A. in Santa Fe, NM

“I am very impressed with your web site. It is refreshingly simple, attractive, professional and easy to navigate. I think you really target important areas for women. I only wish I had something like this to access when I was struggling with changing careers.  I think I can say thank you, for your web site, from many other women in the working world!”  –H.P. in West Hartford, CT

“Insightful and comprehensive content.  Well done.”  –N.S. in Johns Island, SC

“WOW–what a great resource!”  –S.F. in Westport, CT

“This blog is awesome. Great advice for all ages of women- those looking for careers or in a career and thinking about a change. I especially liked 4.74 degrees of separation.”  –D.M. in Burlington, VT

“You are to be commended for the quality of your writing and its content.”  –T.N. in Westport, CT

“I LOVE your website, but mostly I love that you are tackling an area long overdue for attention.  To put all of the potential life stages of women’s work on one website is genius. Very few of us live linear lives and it’s good to find a place that allows and promotes movement from one place to another.  I also like that you are realistic in your encouragement, especially to those of us “of a certain age.”  –D.S. in New Jersey

“I love it!!!   I even posted a comment and I’ve never done that before … good stuff.”  –D.R. in Wilton, CT

“I especially find your material on marketing and selling yourself helpful.” –D.B. in New York, NY

“A really inspiring web-site.  It is truly  empowering for all ages and career levels.  I like the crisp and clean home page and found it well laid out and easy to use.  I think that is a great accomplishment considering the amount of info and wide range of women you are focusing on.   You obviously have a great mind and vision.”  –S.M. in Fairfield, CT

“I am BLOWN AWAY”.  –A.Z. in Bedminster, NJ

“Just went on your blog! It’s terrific and I will be forwarding it to several friends.”  –M.T. in New Canaan, CT

“I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your 9 Lives blog.  So much good stuff packed in there!”  –K.Q. in White Plains, NY

“Wonderful!”  –J.M. in the New York Metro Area

“I’ve read your blog and you are so in tune with women of all ages and stages.”  –S.B. in New Canaan, CT

“I really enjoyed the website. I am re-entering the corporate setting after being out for 11 years.  I could really use some extra Vitamin C!”  –E.D. in Lower Gwynedd, PA

“I’m enjoying your blogs.  Practical observations and advice at the right level (not too unrealistic, not too heavy, articles of reasonable length).”  –T.S. in Westport, CT

“Loving what you’re doing with 9 Lives for Women! A much needed addition to the conversation!”   –B.K. in Washington, D.C.

“It was after you re-tooled my resume that I got some traction & secured this new position…”  –K.W. in Fairfield, CT

“Enjoyed reading your articles and have taken away valuable information.”  –G.R. in Plainfield, IL

“You’re doing fantastic work!”  –N.F. in Simsbury, CT

“Fabulous concept and site! You are presenting a valuable resource for women.” –P.B. in Bedminster, NJ

“Congratulations! This is a great idea.”  –R.F. in Fairfield, CT

“Your insights and experience are very impressive…”  –M.W. in Scotch Plains, NJ

“Your 9 Lives venture  seems as though you were thinking entirely about me!  Your idea and work over the last decade is much needed and wonderful for women!”  –C.F. in Wilton, CT

“Thanks for sharing your site! I just started a new business and really appreciate the topics you explore.”  –L.P. in Boston, MA

“Your blogs are just what I need!”  –A.K. in Weston, CT

“What a creative and useful and fun place for women of all ages and stages to visit.  Great job!  Your website appeals to a large variety of women.”  — C.J. in Wayne, PA

“Congratulations on your new venture!  OUTSTANDING!”  –K.M. in Wilton, CT

“Great idea very inviting site to look at–and that’s a BIG compliment coming from someone rooted in design.”  –J.K. in New York, NY

“Congratulations.  Quite relevant to today’s marketplace.  I will follow your blogs!”  –L.A. in Wilton, CT

“Wow!  Finally had the time to really look at your web site,  and check out various pages.  I am so very impressed with it. Just wanted to tell you.  Will recommend to my friends.”  –S.K. in Norton, MA

“What a great concept and resource.”  –C.H. in New Canaan, CT

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