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The 9 Lives of Women

Women lead many lives–both in and out of the work force. Read on to see which of the 9 work/life blogs applies to you, your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friends, your colleagues and all the great women you know and love.  Click on each work/life stage to go directly to current blog posts.


1: Preparing for Take Off – Finding Summer Work, Internships, Post-Grad Jobs

You’re in college or grad school and thinking about what comes next.  Graduation may be a few years off—so you’re on the ball and making sure that all your summers are resume-worthy.  Or graduation is just around the corner and you need help launching a professional job search.


2: Climbing the Ladder – Perfecting Your Professional Brand

You’re very focused on how to build and advance your career.  You may be a recent graduate or a woman who has many years on the job.  Either way, you’re looking to make your mark, increase recognition and “sell” your professional brand within your company and throughout your industry.


3: Pounding the Pavement – Knowing and Selling Your Skills

 You’re looking for your next job.  It may just be time for a move.  You may have been laid off.  You may be returning to the workforce after a long hiatus.  Whatever the reason, you have to zero in on who you are, your key skills and the solutions you can provide for employers.


4: Leaning Toward the Off Ramp – Considering a Professional Hiatus

You’re almost at the breaking point—you feel strong pulls to both work and family.  Your company may not have any—or any attractive—part-time alternatives.  You need help weighing the pros and cons of a hiatus–or how to exit keeping all options open for the future.


5: Working Hard for No Money – Volunteering Your Business Skills

You’re a mega volunteer and your motto is “just say yes”.  Every community and school organization can count on your hard work and support.  You work so many volunteer hours you may as well have a paid job.   But for now you need full flexibility—and guidance on how to choose wisely and continue to develop your business skills in the non-profit world.


6: Waffling About  Work – Wanting/Not Wanting More than the PTA

You’ve chaired the same fundraiser several times and volunteered for every school committee.  You’re not feeling the love at the PTA meetings anymore, and you need more intellectual stimulation.  Going back to work seems like a big move—but you need help figuring out if that’s what is missing from your very full life.


7: Itching to Work Again – Figuring Out How to Get Back In 

You’ve decided to return to the paid workforce.  You’re not sure how to deal with the gap in your resume—and describe your volunteer work in business terms.  You need help avoiding the “Soccer Mom” stereotype–and tips on addressing the professional, logistical, psychological, financial and family issues “returning professionals” face.


8: Missing Something At the Top – Exploring Fast-Track Alternatives

You’ve been successful, but you don’t necessarily need to keep up the grind—for your sense of self or your pocketbook.   You’ve got a nagging feeling that you could/should do something more meaningful.  You’re not sure you could completely downshift to a slower-paced environment—and you need help considering where you could redirect your expertise.


9: Fending Off “Retirement” – Choosing Ways to Stay Engaged

You’ve never wanted to be a lady of leisure.   You think “retired” is a four-letter word in disguise.  You know you still have a lot of brainpower and life experience to offer companies  or communities.  You now have the luxury of choosing among many ways to lend your time and expertise, and you need help sifting through—and prioritizing –many possibilities.


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